Recommended Businesses

We hope you enjoy your time in Juneau. The following businesses are ones that we know you will enjoy. Feel free to check out their websites and see what they have to offer.


AK Fireweed House Bed and Breakfast - Try the award winning B&B located on Douglas. A private retreat with meals prepared for any diet.

The Silverbow Inn Bakery, Catering, Cinema. Quaint guest rooms with cheerful, bright decor. Rooms are decorated in their own eclectic and cozy style. Also home to Juneau's oldest bakery.

Alaska's Capital Inn - An award winning B&B in Juneau. Built in 1906, the Inn has been painstakingly restored to its original grandeur... with contemporary comforts of course.

Air Excursions

Ward Air - Offering unmatched excellence in floatplane and amphibious air charter service for Juneau's outlying wilderness areas.

Coastal Helicopters - Are you in search of some icefield adventures? If this interests you we think you should check out our friends over at Coastal.

Water Excursions

Rum Runner Charters - Featuring half and full day fishing trips as well as Whale Watching Safari Charters.


Above & Beyond Alaska - A comprehensive menu for the adventure traveler. Kayaking, Ice Climbing, and Water Taxi Services are just a few things you might choose from their extensive offerings.


Juneau Chamber of Commerce - The Juneau Chamber of Commerce supports economic diversity, encourages entrepreneurship, and endorses responsible, sustainable development to maintain Juneau’s high quality of life while advocating economic vitality for all of Alaska.

Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau - Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to economic development in Juneau, Alaska.